Dubai Marina leads UAE property market

Dubai Marina leads UAE property market

Dubai Marina is the most sought-after destination in the UAE, accounting for more property searches than any other area in the country.


  • Dubai Marina dominated the UAE property market in the last year
  • It accounted for 27.89% of all real estate searches
  • Dubai was responsible for 87.06% of all enquiries for property in the UAE

Dubai Marina is the most popular area in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to buy a property, with the district dominating the market in the country.

This is according to The Move Channel’s At a Glance report, which showed Dubai Marina accounted for 27.89% all property searches for the UAE over the last 12 months.

The Move Channel’s Editor Ivan Radford said: “The fact that some of the most popular resorts within the Emirate are still  under construction is telling, with investors returning to the market regardless, drawn by the appeal of Dubai Marina and other luxury developments.”

He added that Dubai remains “the clear favourite” place for property investments in the UAE, with the destination dominating Google searches.

Dubai alone generates 87.06% of all enquiries for UAE property, followed by Ras al-Khaimah, which had 7.11% of searches.

The report also revealed that “UAE property” was searched for 654 times in the last year, which is significantly less than the 15,200 searches for “Dubai property” in the same 12-month period.

“Dubai apartments” and “apartments in Dubai” were the terms most commonly searched for by property buyers. The Move Channel’s analysis also found that March and May 2012 were the busiest months for search activity for UAE real estate, with the spring being a popular time for investors to consider an investment in the Middle Eastern country.

Therefore, investors could be interested in some of Select Property’s apartments in Dubai Marina, including West Avenue, the first project in the area since 2008, and The Torch, which was the world’s tallest residential tower when it was built in 2011.

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