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An alternative pension plan

Jeff Elder, a retired consultant, has been looking for a way to diversify his investment portfolio. He has previously invested money in different funds and savings schemes but has recently taken his first step into real estate.

Trusting bricks and mortar

Andrew Smith owns his own carpentry business in Wales which supplies products to some of the biggest house builders in the UK. Rather than keep his money in savings and pension plans he invests in what he knows – property.

Investing in their own backyard

Brothers Bhavesh and Chetan Chande are based in Greater Manchester. In 2013 they wanted a new buy-to-let investment and found exactly what they were looking for right on their doorstep with Select Property and Vita Student.

Just what the doctor ordered

Ravin Patel is a successful pharmacist with an extensive group of outlets throughout greater London. He believes that his money will perform better if it is invested in property rather than traditional savings accounts.