Vita Student
Student Accommodation Investment

Vita Student has been created by Select Property Group, formulated to be more in tune with an emergent increasingly international student market than any other accommodation provider.

Student accommodation has a long-term reputation for providing some of the highest returns in the investment market.

  • Student-focused brand offering assured and credible long-term property investment
  • More in tune with an emergent international student market than any other provider
  • The most identifiable and appealing student accommodation brand

Vita Student has proven to deliver the highest quality student accommodation and achieve consistent 100% occupancy. Contact us today for expert investment advice and full details on the latest Vita Student developments.

  • Students are paying higher tuition fees and are willing to pay more for best accommodation
  • International student numbers have increased by 30% in the last five years
  • Department for Business, Innovation and Skills believes there will be a further growth of between 15% – 20% over the next five years

Property Investment for a New Student Market

There are upwards of 2.3 million students in the UK and this demand is unaffected by external factors. As most students do not have access to university-provided accommodation there is a significant supply and demand opportunity in nearly all the main university cities in the UK.

However, investment is a dynamic science and providers that fail to adapt to new trends will not be able to deliver on the promises they make to investors.

Vita Student focuses on student experience, enlightened by the knowledge such an approach is the only way to deliver long-term returns to investors.

Recognising and adapting to the shift in the higher education market, Vita Student has successfully created exceptional self-contained student properties complete with first-class facilities, unlike anything that has existed before.

Vita Student has been able to do this by using Select Property Group’s expertise and is now the first of its kind dedicated to designing, developing and delivering the highest quality, purpose-built student residences in the UK.


To find out more about how Vita Student is transforming student accommodation and how you can benefit as an investor, call Select Property on: +44 (0) 207 123 4000 or fill in our contact form.

An Identifiable Student Accommodation Brand

Vita Student is a brand that is synonymous with an end user-focused approach. It offers students from all over the world an appealing and compelling package, fostering a level of brand loyalty that is unique in the investment landscape. This ideology was verified by Knight Frank a few months after Vita Student’s conception.

“Marketing is the next big opportunity for student accommodation providers … Students are highly sophisticated consumers and they are particularly aware of branding in other areas of their life. Branding for accommodation could serve to give a higher level of customer penetration …We also anticipate a move towards global branding in the sector, driven by an increasing volume of international students and overseas investment.”

Knight Frank