Month: March 2005

Should you buy Dubai property now or wait?

This is a dilemma for many potential buyers. Caution suggests a wait-and-see approach might deliver a bargain in a market correction. But fortune favours the brave, and you could miss out if you hang around.

Dubai’s Mortgage Market Heats Up

HSBC has quietly added Jumeirah Beach Residence to its list of approved developments on which you can get a mortgage. The full list now includes The Palm, Jumeirah; The Palm, Jebel Ali; Jumeirah Islands; Jumeirah Village; Jumeirah Beach Residence; Garden View Villa”s; Marina Heights Towers; Falcon Tower; Flamingo Tower; The World; Lost City and Al… Read more »

How high can Dubai property prices go?

The many announcements of new massive property projects in recent weeks seem at least partly designed to put a ceiling on booming rental and capital values in Dubai. But is the promise of new supply in the future going to affect supply and demand today?

Dubai Prices Set to rise in 2005

After some strong gains in 2004, pundits are convinced that Dubai property prices still have room for further upward movement. There are four main reasons to believe that this market has room for higher prices, quite apart from market momentum.