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10 reasons why Dubai property will boom

10 reasons why Dubai property will boom this autumn
1. Rents are very high
Ask anyone how much their rent has gone up in 2005; 10% and you are lucky, 50-65% if you are not. Against a background of stable to moderately rising house prices in 2005 rental yields have therefore taken a sharp upward movement.

This attracts investors into property, while pushing those renting into buying in order to avoid future rent rises – and who says Dubai is not growing fast enough to push rents higher again in 2006?

2. Prices are low
Compare Dubai to a prosperous UK city and you will find that house prices are around one-third per square metre; tax-free incomes in Dubai compare more than favorably with UK post-tax income levels, and borrowing costs are similar; this huge price differential clearly marks a market opportunity, not as big as it was three years’ ago, but still big enough.

3. Mortgage costs are falling
Local and international banks and financial institutions in the UAE are producing more mortgage options by the day, and the net effect is to lower the cost of borrowing. If it costs less to own a home in Dubai then this has to be good for prices.

4. New federal law
A new federal property law is expected this autumn; this would remove a major area of uncertainty for investors and increase the pool of investors who would consider Dubai a possible investment option. More investors will be good for prices.

5. Supply short in key areas
The inventory available from Dubai estate agents is relatively small compared to the massive influx of new residents expected and still arriving (There were 250,000 in 2004). Try to find a one-bedroom flat, it is tough even now; imagine how it will be this autumn.

6. Demand high in key areas
The rapid expansion of Dubai as a business and trading hub for the Middle East is bringing in more and more expatriates. There is huge pressure on the existing housing stock; hence the massive rental increases this year.

7. New supply is delayed
For all the talk of over-supply the reality on the ground is a serious shortage of accommodation. This is compounded by delays of a year or more on many high profile construction projects.

It is a moot point as to what the impact of this supply will be eventually, but at the moment its absence is the more significant factor in the market place.

Besides, what is being built? Is this where the most demand lies? If not, then shrewd investors can still invest wisely in the alternatives.

8. UAE economy continues to boom
Oil revenues are sky-high, economic reform is happening fast, and Abu Dhabi will be next to invest hugely in its domestic infrastructure; Dubai will be happy to supply and contract to meet this ambition next door.

9. Dubai is becoming famous
No city in the world is presently more successful at marketing itself than Dubai. Foreign investors are already active buyers of local property and may buy more. Dubai has advantages as a tax haven. These are only just being recognized.

10. There are still too many skeptics
Consider this view of market psychology; in any investment market the top can only be truly called when almost all the participants are convinced that they can not loose. This is not yet true of Dubai property.

There are many skeptics; otherwise this article would simply be stating the obvious. Indeed, a few skeptics have cashed out this summer; perhaps when they are buying back into the market in a year or two’s time that is the moment to be really nervous!

To give an example, last August in the UK almost everyone was confident about property, and prices have been falling since then – Dubai property just has not reached this critical inflection point. The cycle is not at the top.


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