Month: December 2005

Bulgaria hosts economic partnership conference

A conference organized by the American Chamber of Commerce and the German-Bulgarian Industrial Chamber in Sofia will discuss the economic partnership between the European Union, the US and the business environment in Bulgaria . The discussion focuses on competitive possibilities, investments, the EU funds absorption, access to financing, reduction of administrative obstacles and creation of… Read more »

Bulgaria closer to visa free travel to the US

The minister of foreign affairs in Bulgaria Ivaylo Kalfin and the US secretary for internal security Michael Chertoff will sign an intermediate agreement on the program for visa-free trips to the US for Bulgarian citizens. Nationals of only 15 EU member states can travel to the United States without a visa at present. The visa-free… Read more »

What is the climate like?

Dubai has a winter and summer season just like Europe, however you won’t feel quite so cold! In the winter months, from November to April you can expect on average, eight hours of sunshine per day with the temperatures ranging from a very pleasant 20C – 28C. In the Summer, you can expect up to… Read more »

What Finance Packages are avaliable?

When buying in Dubai there are a wide variety of finance packages available for property bought off-plan in Dubai, offered by local lenders such as Tamweel or global banking organisations like HSBC. Finance can take the form of a standard home loan of up to 70% of the purchase price, or alternatively the developers themselves… Read more »

Who are Dubai Select?

The leading Voice of Authority on Dubai Property Recognising our responsibility as the emerging brand in Dubai Investment Property, we are totally aware that we must deliver the finest property portfolio in Dubai but more importantly the best investment vehicle for our customers. Our mission is to provide prospective clients with select developments, focusing on… Read more »