Month: October 2007

Morocco’s king calls on French help for an ‘advanced status’ with EU

King Mohammed VI of Morocco has called upon France to help push its European partners to grant his North African country closer ties and wants his country to have 'advanced status' with the European Union. At a state dinner held in honour of the visiting French President, Nicolas Sarcozy, Mohammes VI said ‘The European Union's… Read more »

Foreign Debt to Switzerland Paid Ahead of Term by Bulgaria

Bulgaria has paid off its 28.6 million debt interests included to Switzerland ahead of its term, on October 30 2007. Earlier in the year another debt to the International Monetary Fund was paid off by Bulgaria, ahead of term. As a result of the early payments Bulgaria has saved 16 million leva on interest in… Read more »

Turkey named as top ten destination for overseas property

Turkey has been named as a top ten destination for UK people looking to invest in Turkey , according to Paul Collins of Buy Association. The fact that it remains popular as a summer holiday destination and that property in the country is still relatively inexpensive makes it attractive to British buyers. Mr Collins said… Read more »

Rapid Growth and Expansion for Wilmslow based Property Company

£300 million of sales and doubling its staff to 85 in the past 12 months has resulted in Select Property, the overseas property specialist based in Wilmslow, Cheshire, having to buy a second office adjacent to its existing one. The company, who sell off-plan property in Dubai, Turkey, Morocco and Bulgaria, is fast becoming the… Read more »

World’s largest passenger plane lands in Turkey

Passengers paid many thousands of dollars to be among the first to fly on Airbus’ new flag ship for long haul passenger flights, the A380. The Airbus landed in Istanbul on Monday afternoon, the latest stop in its round the world promotional tour. The massive plane, which can carry up to 550 passengers, arrived in… Read more »

Solar Power for New Moroccan Rail Line

In an agreement between the Kingdom of Morocco and France, the French Republic plans to design, manufacture, construct, operate and maintain a very-high speed rail link between Tangier and Casablanca. A 183,000 square meter (45 acre) field of solar panels will be built to supply the emission-free electricity. The first phase of the rail link… Read more »

Bulgaria to be energy efficient

By 2016, Bulgaria has to lower its end use of energy by nine per cent, according to an approved national action plan for energy efficiency, Deputy Economy and Energy Minister Galina Tosheva said during an energy efficiency and renewable energy sources conference. The goal could be achieved only if all the players in the sector… Read more »

Dubai to become Commercial Hub

Shiekh Mohammed Bin Al Maktoum the Ruler of Dubai set out to establish his state as the commercial hub of the Middle East and as one of the top three exchange groups in the world. The Shiekh has been amassing an assortment of assets including stakes in real estate and ports and small stakes in… Read more »