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Bodrum targets 1.5 million wealthy tourists

Thanks to promotional work through the foreign media the marketing for Bodrum’s tourism succeeded in reaching 300 million people in 60 countries. The Bodrum Peninsula Promotion Foundation (BOYTAV) spent close to €2 million for promotional campaigns, with the aim of bringing 1.5 million wealthy tourists to the region next year.

During the campaign nearly 250 journalists and top media officials from 45 countries were invited to Bodrum with huge posters of Bodrum hung in the streets of Denmark and the Netherlands. Turkey and Bodrum were promoted in the foreign press including newspapers, radios, televisions and documentaries.

“Promotion is impossible without spending money. We spent 2 million euros in one year for Bodrum's promotion. We promoted our town to top-level managers of foreign newspapers and media organizations. All of these activities equal a 10 million euro promotion. Bodrum was advertised in 65 magazines, 130 newspapers and 43 television stations. We reached 300 million people through the international media. Our goal is to bring 1.5 million wealthy tourists to our town. We will promote Bodrum and its world famous schooners In 12 international fairs before the 2008 season. We will also organize promotional tours for some 400 media members from Europe and the Turkic republics,” Kocadon said.

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