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Egypt and Turkey climb in Currency Rankings

Growing tourism and increased property sales to a global market has significantly improved the standing of both Turkey and Egypt’s currencies. According to the most recent currency index published by American Express Global Foreign Exchange Services, the Turkish Lire and the Egyptian Pound are the 3rd and 4th best selling currencies in the UK.

American Express Global Foreign Exchange Services Director of Trading & Business Development Terry Perrin said that Turkey and Egypt looked set to grow in popularity in 2011, supporting the opinion of many industry professionals.

Both Egypt and Turkey offer fantastic value for money which has considerably aided their popularity amongst tourists and property investors. “With the current volatile economic climate, we’re finding that holidaymakers are choosing all-inclusive destinations – which are more common with long-haul trips – to ensure that they know exactly what they will be spending on their holiday before they leave. They then don’t need to worry about exchange rate fluctuations or how much they will be spending on their holiday.” Perrin added.

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