Month: January 2011

Murcia Property gaining popularity

Murcia has gained increasing attention from international property investors due to its excellent growth potential and investment credentials. Murcia property is available at much lower entry levels than the rest of Spain as it was sheltered from the boom years, and as a result, never suffered from rapidly increasing prices and the subsequent over development…. Read more »

Overseas Property is the best investment according to investors

A survey of investors revealed that an incredible 72% of all those asked would pick property as the leading investment option with a meagre 11% opting for shares. Interestingly, 64% of all those asked gave their preference to overseas property. One industry expert commented on the findings stating “it’s no surprise that so many people… Read more »

Bodrum, Turkey highlighted for investment potential

Amongst the various positive predictions regarding Turkey’s investment potential by property experts, numerous hot spots have emerged where interest seems to be concentrated. For a long time industry professionals have suggested that Turkey’s financial centre is Istanbul. The city has experienced short supply and an increasing demand provoked by Turkey’s economic growth has caused rapid… Read more »

High quality property aids Dubai’s recovery

More data has been released supporting reports that Dubai property prices are stabilizing in some areas quicker than others, which has subsequently created property hot-spots. These hot-spots are high-end areas within the emirate that are experiencing growth and increased property prices, while less exclusive areas are still suffering declines. One of the leading property consultancy… Read more »

Consumers in Emerging Markets drive property growth

Ordained to become the world’s leading economies, Credit Suisse have conducted a detailed study into the consumer outlook of emerging markets to gauge how domestic demand will evolve with rapid economic growth. Egypt, China and Russia were amongst the 7 carefully selected nations chosen for their predicted growth and future importance to the world’s economy…. Read more »

Beyond the BRICs

The New Year brings new predictions for the key places to invest in 2011. Influential investment forecasters have expressed their opinions on the future growth economies and whilst these vary amongst industry experts, a select few have consistently been tipped as the ones to watch. It was Jim O’Neill, Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management… Read more »

Property Hotspots emerge in Dubai

It has been widely reported that price trends in Dubai property are changing, ushering in the emergence of growth hot-spots where investors have been quick to snap up properties that offer a ‘lifestyle’ element. The global economic difficulties of the last 2 years lowered the number of speculative buyers in the market leading to a… Read more »

Strong property growth predicted in MENA 2011

Property investors have turned their attention to the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region following impressive growth predictions from several industry experts. The IMF has stated that it expects the MENA region to experience GDP growth of 5.1% in 2011; significantly higher than the global average of only 4.2%. The strong economic growth associated with… Read more »