Month: February 2011

Bancaja Habitat approach Select Property as Sales & Marketing provider for Las Terrazas de La Torre

Select Property, Europe’s leading overseas property experts have been approached by one of the largest banks in Spain, Bancaja, to bring to market the Spanish bank’s best investment opportunity on the market. Select Property have been specifically selected as the Sales & Marketing provider to sell the Spanish investment properties of Las Terrazas de La… Read more »

Dubai, as ever, is providing evidence to cause doubters to rethink..

News out this week suggests that Dubai Shopping Festival generated over $75 million of sales in just seven days and consumers spent 28% more than in the first week of last year’s event. This is an impressive achievement and underlines our belief that Dubai, never far from people’s minds as a destination for holidays, business… Read more »

Turkey leading the way with impressive growth and stability

The property market in Turkey is particularly buoyant at the moment, underpinned by a strong economy with a growing tourism sector outperforming its European neighbours. As many property experts predicted this time last year, 2010 was a successful year for Turkey and is fast becoming one of the leading countries for property investment. GDP recorded… Read more »

After further tourism growth, Turkey sets its sights on the top.

Turkey’s tourism sector seems to be moving from strength to strength following another year in which impressive growth was recorded. Total arrivals in 2010 reached just over 28.6 million, an increase of 6.6% on last year’s visitors. Turkey has seen unprecedented growth in tourist numbers over the past 10 years rising from just 8 million… Read more »

Why unrest gives good reason to invest..

As we all watch the spread of social and political revolution and rebuilding in certain parts of the Middle East and North Africa, we are left to contemplate, with a mixture of astonishment, intrigue and awe, what impact it will have on the economies and development prospects of those countries and their nearest neighbours. Whilst… Read more »

Dubai’s population increases over 20% in 14 months

Figures released yesterday show that Dubai’s population has grown by 73,000 in just 7 months. The city’s ‘population clock’ ticked over to 1,923,403 this week making it the most populated emirate in the UAE. The new population figures represent an increase of 20.7% from the end of 2009 to date. Dubai’s ‘active population’ has also… Read more »

Consumers descend on Dubai’s Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival took over $75 million in just seven days. This impressive achievement is all the more credit worthy when noting that consumers spent 28% more than in the first week of last year’s event; indicating that the emirate is becoming increasingly busy. Visa looked into the spending habits of the Festival’s shoppers finding… Read more »

Property Investment promoted by Turkey’s tax-friendly environment

A recent report created by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) showed the extent to which tax laws in Turkey are encouraging property investment in the country. The Revenue Statistics report that looked into OECD nation’s highlighted Turkey for having the second-lowest tax to GDP ratio. The friendly Turkish tax laws have attracted… Read more »