Month: March 2011

Further investment in Ras Al Khaimah sparks property demand

Ras al Khaimah is currently undergoing large scale infrastructural investment to the value of $1.55 billion. The investment is primarily focussed on the improvement of utilities along with planned upgrades to road networks and transport links to promote RAK’s growth into a commercial and residential hub. The majority of development will take place on the… Read more »

Murcia’s Paramount Theme Park prompts Property Investment

Further details have emerged about the highly anticipated Murcia based Paramount Theme Park set to open in 2015. Local authorities, investors, the parks creators and representatives from Paramount all met in Murcia again last week to formally finalise their agreements and set out detailed plans for the future of the Park. Jesus Samper, Managing Director… Read more »

Spanish property enquiries continue to increase

Spain continues to defy its critics with another month of significantly increased investor interest. Both Rightmove, a major property portal and MoneyCorp, the UK’s leading foreign exchange specialist have recorded a surge in enquiries for Spain. Real estate enquiries on Rightmove increased 53% in February, with Spain retaining its position as the leading destination for… Read more »

Egypt’s investment potential increases significantly

Investor attitudes towards Egypt are rapidly improving as experts predict the country will stand in a much stronger position as a result of political reforms. Egypt’s property market already gained high expectations coming into 2011 from international investment houses as a member of the newly formed CIVETS, the group of nations expected to overtake the… Read more »

Murcia tourism expands rapidly

Murcia has always enjoyed a steady level of tourism due to its appealing aesthetics and unique micro climate meaning it’s warmer than other Spanish coastal regions. However the creation of the new Paramount Theme park in Murcia is expected to double the region’s annual tourism levels attracting over 9 million in 2015. This is according… Read more »

Egypt Tourism ‘will bounce back relatively quickly’

As the political unrest in Egypt calms and the country takes significant steps towards democracy, tourism is beginning to return. Industry experts have indentified an upward trend in tourism levels citing increased stability as the major driver towards improved visitor numbers. Jean-Pierre Nadir, the Founding President of a local tour operator said “Britons, especially those… Read more »

When did optimism become so unfashionable?

Following on from my comments last week after A Place In The Sun Live in London, another feature of the property industry which remains undiminished is the amount of comment in the media. Select Property is a regular contributor to that commentary and I was quoted in the financial press again this weekend, albeit not… Read more »

Property Investment: ‘the pendulum is moving in the UAE’s favour’

Investor confidence in Dubai is growing every day, industry experts have stated as reports identify increasingly favourable conditions; brokers have recorded an increase in sales and analysts have noted a growing interest. Director General of the Lands department Sultan bin Butti bin Mejren said 2011 will be “better in Dubai”, due to improved market transparency… Read more »