Month: July 2011

Dubai Property is “world class” and “built for the long term”

In an exclusive interview with the Gulf News, the recently appointed CEO of Jones Lang LaSalle’s Middle East and North Africa division gave his views on the current state of property markets in the GCC. Alan Robertson who stepped into the role only last month explained that the outlook for property in the area was… Read more »

Investors choose overseas property and highlight Turkey

According to a new survey, most of the UK’s property investors would rather buy property abroad instead of in Britain. The results of the survey highlighted how investors expected higher levels of growth in some key overseas markets while attitudes towards the UK property market is much less optimistic. 67% of those asked said that… Read more »

New investor survey finds Dubai market outlook is positive

The results of a survey conducted by RERA were released yesterday highlighting a positive outlook for Dubai’s property market. The survey looked in depth at the confidence of investors, developers and real estate brokers through-out the market. More specifically the study measured attitudes towards the new 3 year residency visa rules and how they will… Read more »

EU debt crisis encourages property investment in Turkey

Historically, property investors watched prospective EU members with anticipation. Often targeting markets that were expected to gain full EU membership, savvy investors would benefit from the subsequent up lift in prices. Turkey has long been on the verge of membership to the EU however many would suggest it never really stood a chance of gaining… Read more »

GCC property investors flock to Dubai

Dubai continues to attract investors from across the GCC region according to the latest official figures. The statistical report on the Gulf Common market showed that there had been a significant increase in the number of Gulf nationals now owning property in Dubai. Analysts have suggested this is primarily because the emirate offers a developed… Read more »

Spain tourism up by 7.5% with a surge of Dutch and American visitors

A new survey by FRONTUR found that Spain welcomed 24.8 million holiday makers so far this year. This represents an increase in 7.5% compared with the same period last year. June was a particularity strong month according to the survey with 5.7 million tourist arrivals; a significant increase of 8.5% compared with last year. The… Read more »

Paramount Theme Park Encouraging Spanish Property Investment

Property investors are flocking to Spain’s south western region of Murcia hoping to benefit from the new Paramount Theme Park due to open there. The theme park which will open in 2014 is expected to rival Disney Land Paris as Europe’s largest theme park attracting millions of holiday makers to the area every year. As… Read more »

Growing tourism in Spain positively affects property market

A new study conducted by the ABTA Travel Association has revealed that Spain is rapidly gaining popularity on the holiday market. The official body announced that bookings to Spain have increased by 11 per cent this year compared with last year. The report also noted that Spain is still the UK’s favourite holiday destination and… Read more »