Month: September 2011

Dubai property prices increase 0.5% from July to August

REIDIN’s latest residential property price index for Dubai has revealed a monthly increase in property values. Real-estate prices in Dubai were 0.5% higher in August than they were in July suggesting the Emirate has turned a corner to reach a significant milestone. Following the dramatic price correction caused by the global financial crisis, Dubai’s property… Read more »

“I read the news today, oh boy !”

If, like me, you have spent any time flicking through a half decent newspaper this morning you’ll have seen some pretty gloomy rhetoric about the growth prospects of even the strongest European economies. Strangely enough, I notice that the only economy forecast by the IMF to have higher growth next year than this is Spain… Read more »

Spain’s tourism at highest levels since 2007

Despite difficult economic conditions across mainland Europe, Spain’s tourism levels are on the rise. Spain welcomed 7.6 million holiday makers in August, representing an annual increase of 9.4% and the highest level of visitor numbers since 2007 according to Frontur. Tourism is a key industry sector that Spain’s government hopes will help boost their struggling… Read more »

Spain mortgage enquiries increase by 7%

Conti, the UK’s leading overseas mortgage specialist has this week revealed that property in Spain is “making a comeback”. The mortgage specialist released data complied through-out August and found that enquiries for Spain had increased 7% compared with the same period last year. Conti’s Operations Director, Clare Nessling stated “Spain is definitely making a comeback,… Read more »

Turkey considering unrestricted property sales

Turkey’s Environment and Urban Planning Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar announced this week he is preparing a law that will allow almost unrestricted property sales to foreign nationals in Turkey. Currently the country works on a reciprocal basis where by foreign purchasers may only buy property in Turkey if Turkish nationals are allowed to purchase property in… Read more »

Istanbul property prices increase by 7.42%

New data released by, the creators of Turkey’s real estate index found average house prices in Turkey have increased again. The country has gained significant property investment from foreign buyers this year as Turkey’s overseas market has flourished, but the growing affluence of the domestic market has also pushed up prices. While prices recorded… Read more »

Turkey and Egypt lead the CIVETS pack

The Wall Street Journal has recently reported on the positive economic outlook for the rapidly expanding ‘CIVETS’ nations. The group of emerging nations have effectively replaced the BRIC economies, caught the eye of investors, attracted large funds and experienced significant property investment. The performance of the CIVETS is already exceeding the BRIC nations as represented… Read more »

Murcia – the best place to invest in Spain

According to independent industry experts, Murcia is the best place to invest in Spain. The Move Channel compiled data from across its network of property websites to find that the south-eastern Murcia region of Spain is the most popular amongst prospective property buyers. The Move Channel Director, Dan Johnson explained, “Spain remains the number one… Read more »