Month: September 2012

Student music: Be diverse with your listening

Moving away to university and meeting new friends will change you, as much as you think that you’re unchangeable. Believe it or not, one of the major things that will change about you will be your taste in music. Students come with the persona that they are ‘cool’ and this is true in most senses…. Read more »

Moving to Dubai? Here’s some info to help you out

Moving to Dubai from the UK involves taking a big step and making a big commitment, but you can find everything you need in the emirate. When you look out of the window at the moment you’d be forgiven for thinking that we are living in a tropical rainforest. This year it seems that the… Read more »

Got a fancy dress night? Here are our favourite themes

Most students are now well into their first week of university and one thing that is enjoyable about starting uni is the fact that there will be a number of themed nights where you can wear fancy dress. The good thing about the themed nights is that all of the participants will be in the… Read more »

Index shows more homeowners are expecting house price increases

Although increases are to be expected in London, areas of the Midlands and North have also indicated that they expect house prices to rise. In summary: 10% of those asked said that the value of their house had increased London had an HSPI index rating of 63.1 Some Midland and North areas had a HSPI… Read more »

Rents in England and Wales reach a record high

The struggle to get on to the property ladder is causing a surge of demand for rental property, pushing rents up. In summary: The average rent is now £734 Rents have risen by an average 2.9% There were five regions where rents reached a record high It is common knowledge that the rental market is… Read more »

International students being used to ‘prop up’ university finances


There’s no secret about the fact that international students are economically viable for UK universities and a number of recent news releases have furthered this notion. However, a recent report has revealed that overseas students are ‘propping up’ university budgets. Recent research highlights that students from outside the EU now account for more than half… Read more »

Dubai rents increase again in Q3 according to Asteco

There have been constant signs of recovery in the emirate with rental and sale prices being impressive for the first three quarters of 2012. In summary: Rental prices have increased by as much as 7% Rents on the Palm Jumeirah are as high as DH325,000 A lack of certain unit types have lead to rental… Read more »