Our guide to the top 10 jobs for students

Our guide to the top 10 jobs for students

Going to university is not a cheap process no matter which way you look at it. As much as you try to stretch your student loan as far as it will possibly go and even with the occasional bank balance top up from mum and dad, more often than not, the inevitable finding a uni job has to happen.

Where do you start looking I hear you cry? Well, there are ten jobs that we think are fab in keeping in line with the student lifestyle – even you with the dodgy sleeping pattern. Here’s the lowdown:

10 – Promotion Staff

Average pay: Varies

You know those times you’re on a night out and someone in a bright coloured hoody comes up to you with an arm load of leaflets, wristbands and stickers. You too could be one of those people.

Pros: Build a good rapport with club owners, good for those who sleep in the day and are awake at night.

Cons: Late nights, cold in the winter.

9 – Mystery Shopping

Average pay: Depends on task

Get paid for going shopping. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s actually not, mystery shopping is a real thing and does pay real money. You will be given a task list or check list and you will have to go and measure a store or restaurant’s performance based on the details you are given.

Pros: You can get paid for eating free food, you get paid for shopping.

Cons: There isn’t always a great deal of jobs, you need some acting skills.

8 – Working in a supermarket

Average pay: Usually above minimum (especially on late nights and Sundays)

Working in a supermarket is a common job for many students and you can make some good friends whether you are stacking shelves, on the till or flogging 18 different types of cheese on the deli counter, there is someone in the same boat as you.

Pros: Discount on food, flexible hours, good money.

Cons: Unflattering uniforms, sometimes unsociable hours, hard work.

7 – Lifeguard duties

Average pay: Usually above minimum

If you have lifeguard qualifications then this is a good part-time job to go for. There may be the odd occasion that you have to deal with young kids at an aqua disco (and the occasional rescue mission) but all in all it is a relatively good job to have and there may be the odd time that you singletons see some eye candy.

Pros: You look cool, generally easy job, usually a good uniform.

Cons: Rescue missions are a bit dramatic and you’ve constantly got wet feet.

6 – Working at the cinema

Average pay: Around minimum wage

This is a good one for film fanatics who can keep up to date with new releases and watch films to their hearts content. You can also go back to your accommodation and keep your housemates informed of the latest happenings in movies too, plus it’s not too much like hard work and hours can be varied.

Pros: You can watch films for free & sometimes have free tickets for friends, you’ll make friends.

Cons: Sometimes the screen looks like the scene of a popcorn explosion; there will be times where you have to deal with complaints.

5 – Waiting on

Average pay: Minimum plus tips

Shifts fly by in busy restaurants and cafés and before you know it you can be on your way home to get ready for the party night ahead and it’ll only feel like you’ve started work five minutes ago. Sometimes it’s a good idea to work somewhere that serves cuisine you don’t like, that way you won’t get too sick of seeing your favourite dishes time and time again.

Pros: Tips are a big bonus, you can get free food, shifts go quickly.

Cons: Your hair can smell like food, it can be hard work, you may have to work holidays such as mother’s day or valentine’s day.

4 – Bar work

Average pay: Minimum

This is another job where shifts are over and done with rapidly and shifts are flexible. You can always go and join the party when your shift is over which means that sometimes you can go to club events for free and meet celebs in VIP areas. If you work for the union bar it is likely that you won’t be far from home and will know a lot of people in the area.

Pros: Flexible hours, usually well paid, could become a professional cocktail shaker.

Cons: Late nights, busy environment, dealing with drunken customers.

3 – Library

Average pay: Above minimum

So it’s not the most exciting job in the world, but working in library can actually pay quite well and doesn’t require an extensive amount of work. The uni library will be full of students wanting to get on with work and the extent of your job will probably be checking out books or putting them back in their rightful homes.

Pros: Generally light work, good money.

Cons: A little bit boring, hours aren’t always flexible.

2 – Customer services

Average pay: Tends to be above minimum

Whilst it sounds tedious, customer service jobs can consist of sending e-mails an answering the phone and are usually based in an office environment so you don’t have to factor in labouring or being out in the cold. Although you will have to regularly deal with customer so occasionally it might not be as breezy as it sounds.

Pros: Pretty easy, good money, flexible hours.

Cons: You sometimes have difficult customers, could get boring.

1 – Retail

Average pay: Minimum wage

Retail always has been and probably always will be a big winner with students. Males and females alike are popular within the retail sector and with keeping in line with fashion being a current affair it is unsurprising that shopping malls and town centres across the country are being filled by trendy student types.

Pros: Discount on clothes, uniform allowances, can keep up to date with trends.

Cons: You’re in demand at peak times but can see a reduction of hours at quieter times, pay isn’t that high.

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