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11 students suffer alcohol poisoning at Halloween party in Houston, Texas

There’s no secret about the fact that students love a good party, especially when it’s Halloween season and there’s parties and nights out to be attended.

However, things seemed to go too far at Rice University in Houston, Texas this weekend when the ‘Night of Decadence’ Halloween party where 11 students were hospitalised for treatment with alcohol poisoning.

The college released a statement saying that ambulances were called early on Sunday to take students to the hospital before they were later released.

The party, which has been a tradition since 1972, was hosted by the Wiess College Dormitory and it seems that students becoming hospitalised is annual occurrence with the university’s Dean of Undergraduates, John Hutchinson stating that usually three or four students require medical attention.

Of the 11 that required attention he said: “That’s actually quite high compared to previous years.

“Normally there’s just a handful, only three or four.”

It is believed that around 1200 students attended the event which is university-approved.

Of course, the legal drinking age in the states is 21, meaning that some of the students in attendance could have been under age but it is unknown of the hospitalised students fall into this category. The fact that the party was probably funded using the dorm’s recreation budget highlights the difference between the UK and US institutions in terms of events and more so the fact that you generally don’t hear of 11 alcohol poisoned students at the end of a party, just those in need of a good takeaway.

Of course, with a party on this scale it would be hard for any staff to keep control. Maybe it’s just that students in Britain can handle their drink better than our friends across the pond. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

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