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Are you a snoozy student? Here’s some tips for getting up in the morning

Every student knows that getting up for a 9am lecture is a nightmare, especially when you’ve been out the night before and didn’t get in until 4am. Of course, this makes getting up even more of a nightmare and many of you will end up literally dragging yourselves out of bed and turning up to lectures looking like this was the case.

So how can you get up earlier? Well some of it is down to your way of thinking and tricking yourself into getting up earlier. One way of doing this is by setting your alarm earlier so you think it is 8am but really it is 7:40am. This means that your brain will think that you have had a lie in when you have really got up 20 minutes earlier.

Make it an obstacle course to get to your alarm to turn it off. That means your clock, phone, laptop or whatever you use to wake yourself up needs to be loud and on the other side of the room. You also need to put anything you can in front of your alarm so that you have to focus on turning it off, hide it behind your toiletry bag, put a mass of shoes, bags and pillows on the floor so that you have to scramble and try to find it with your eyes closed. All of these things will help your brain to wake up and focus, especially if you move your source of your alarm to a different place everyday.

As much as the traditional ringing alarm sound remains popular, you should out an annoying sound as your tone so that it is not easy to ignore. This could be your least favourite song, the sound of your dog barking, the Macarena or tweeting birds. The worse the sound, the more determined you will be to get up and switch it off. If too much of this sound will drive you mad then that’s perfect.

We are living in the technological age which means that there are a number of downloadable apps that you can get that will aid the waking up process, especially those that can detect when you aren’t in a deep sleep so that you can get up at the most natural point. The only downside to these is the fact that you have to have the alarm next to you for it to be effective. Nonetheless there are still a number of standard alarm clock apps that you can get that will be better than the standard one on your phone.

A nice, warm, dark room and snuggly bed are the hardest to get out of and the dim lighting makes it easy for the best of us to switch on the snooze and go back to sleep. One way of easing the waking up process, especially in the summer, is by leaving the curtains or blinds open so that the natural sunlight beams in. The rising sun will also trigger the brain to wake up; this is why it is harder to get up in the winter as opposed to the summer.

If you occupy your mind after your alarm has gone off, this will enable your mind to focus on something else other than the fact that you have just woken up. Grab your phone and check the latest news and gossip from Facebook and Twitter, if there is something particularly interesting that catches your attention your mind will wake up and gain focus. This is where celebrity scandals and football news come in handy. You don’t always need social media or news to occupy your mind either, simple things like writing lists and planning your day can really help you to wake up, as can deciding what to wear or what you’re going to do that night.

If you feel like you can’t do it alone, you can always look to your family and friends for an intervention. Okay so you’re supposed to be an independent adult living at uni but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the occasional wake-up call from the parentals. If you know your mum, dad, brother, sister, nan or grandad are going to be awake when you need to get up then get them to give you a quick wake up call. Alternatively, if you and your housemates have lectures at the same time, you can give each other wake-up calls, if one of them happens to be an early bird then get them to come and give you a nudge or bring you a cup of tea to wake you up. Or if you’re particularly lazy you can call each other room to room.

When you’re eyes are finally fully-open have a big stretch for a good 30 seconds to wake up your bones and muscles and to have you feeling fresh. Take a quick shower and throw on some clothes and you’ll start feeling great. After a late one it is also a good idea to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep which is something that students don’t get too often. Sweet dreams students!

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