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Carnage causes uproar, but isn’t it just students having fun?

Having a good time and being more drunk than you’ve ever been before in your life are two things that are expected of the stereotypical student. Whilst a lot of students don’t live up to this stereotype, the images taken from the recent Carnage event in Cardiff suggest otherwise with some scantily clad ladies and gents embracing the ‘pimps and hoes’ theme with media reports highlighting the negativity of the event and the ensembles worn by some of the clubbers, however some have simply stated that this is the case of students having a good time.

The Carnage events, organised by Varsity Leisure Group, take place numerous times a year in many British university towns and cities and these fun nights should be visited by every student at least once throughout their time at uni. After all, these guys have already been in education for 15 years or more and are having to get themselves in a lot of debt so they are more than entitled to let their hair down once in a while and the ever-changing theme of the event makes it even more fun – and it is optional, if you don’t want to go out in next to nothing then no-one is forcing you to.

It seems that the images captured by the press at the most recent event were some of the worst and the fact that those papped at the end of the night enjoying their takeaway burger just to make the point that students are unruly is a bit unfair, everyone likes a good burger at the end of a night out whether you are a student, doctor, lawyer or teacher, at least these students opted for a burger it could have been worse, they could have had a doner kebab. The images on the Cardiff Carnage Facebook page also tell a different story

In coverage by the Huffington Post it was also revealed that the Cardiff Carnage angered the Cardiff Women’s Association who reportedly asked the organisers to change the theme of the event despite it being a popular fancy dress theme across the nation. It might be a controversial fancy dress theme but the organisers didn’t tell the students what to wear, they simply provided the nature of the theme and some of the get-ups displayed would be worn on a typical night out but with a different top than the Carnage one required at the event. It might not be to everyone’s taste but when all is said and done fashion is fashion and if the likes of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry are wearing short shorts and suspender tights then celebrity fashion followers will follow suit.

Whilst student’s actions on a night out are constantly under scrutiny, they deserve a good time as much as everyone else and many go out to have a few drinks and dance without being nuisance and their negative portrayal is undeserved. Maybe some of those outraged are simply envious of the fact that these students have their uni experience ahead of them whilst the rest of us are in full-time employment with no prospects of weekday nights out or rolling out of bed on a Wednesday lunchtime.

The Carnage events will be held across 44 university towns and cities over the next couple of months as a welcome to freshers and each event will incorporate a different theme. What are your thoughts on the Carnage events and student life, get at us below.

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