Need clothes? Here’s how to shop like a savvy student

Need clothes? Here’s how to shop like a savvy student

Being one of those student types means that unfortunately your fashion purchase have to take a back seat in favour of food and bills. But just because you’re now a student, that doesn’t mean that you have to wear the same clothes for the next three years – although some people do choose to do this.

The key to being a savvy student shopper is to not only embrace your student discount as much as you possibly can, but to also ensure that you have an eye for a budget. As much as the items in Topshop/Topman, Burton, Miss Selfridge and other favoured high street fashion stores are great you can save yourself some money by getting similar items from different stores or from buying from the sales as opposed to full-price.

One good thing to do is to look online for discounts. Sites such as are great for students as they tend to display sake items that are within your student budget. Plus the listings come from high street retailers so you won’t be out of style. You should also scour the web for voucher codes and discounts so that you get more for your money whilst student shopping events organised by bodies such as offer 20 percent off for students.

If you need a bargain and can’t get what you need online it is a good idea to visit an outlet store where you can get high street and designer brands with 70 percent off. Whilst outlets do have some items which are somewhat last-season you are guaranteed to pick up a couple of decent items that you can make good use out of for seasons to come.

Whilst the high street is great for keeping up with current fashions there are inevitably some items that people prefer to be branded for example trainers and UGG boots. A good place to head for these items is Get the Label where you can find brands such as Adidas, Converse and Levis. Why pay full-price when you can get the same items at a discount price.

The old chestnut ‘you can find anything on ebay’ is something that all students should follow. It’s started to get cold now and it might be time to update your winter wardrobe and the first place you should look is on the online marketplace. There are now a number of fashion pages on the site and you can search for what you want in the same way that you would do with any other site. You can also purchase items from far and wide and it’s amazing how little things cost from Hong Kong and other areas of South East Asia and you can get delivery deals on postage and packaging for multiple purchases.

Similarly, you can also find a range of fashion on amazon nowadays with a vast amount of clothes, shoes and accessories. One good thing about amazon is the fact that you can compare prices for the same item so that you know you’re getting the best deal. If you want more than clothes, amazon is also good for purchasing you books for lectures, you know for those times when fashion isn’t on the brain.

Occasionally you can pick up a bargain when you are doing your food shop. Yes supermarket fashion is a lot better now than it was five years ago and with designs coming from people such as fashion guru Gok Wan you can be sure to be fashionable without paying over the odds for your clothes. There are established fashion ranges available in Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco so there is no harm in picking up the odd item during your mad food dash with your friends. If you manage to pick up some clothes during your food shop, you will also be less tempted to go into town and hit the high street shops and let’s face it, that’s got to save you money.

Charity shopping is a trend that has been going on for years now and with the rise of people wanting to shop vintage-style you can easily pull off a charity shop piece and call it vintage. Your parents and grandparents have probably been telling you for years that fashions come in, go out and then come back in again and this is true. What makes this so good is the fact that you will be able to find a number of pieces in a charity shop that are still in fashion as well as pieces that you can re-invent and personalise to make more relevant. You could buy a cardigan from a charity shop and attach some cheap buttons from a haberdashery store and voila you have a new and unique piece. Guys can also find some great shirts in charity shops.

If you do have to buy something mainstream then make sure you keep an eye for a bargain and use your student discount wherever possible. Most high street stores offer student discount as do online stores such as asos as well as this shops like H&M, Primark and TKMaxx don’t offer discount but the prices are so low that it doesn’t make a great difference.

Although feeding a shopping addiction may be hard during your student years, let’s be real, everyone needs clothes and as long as you get a bargain, clothes shopping does not have to be a problem, just remember to be student savvy.

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