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Our guide to the best D.I.Y student shaves and manicures

Before you started university and were living at home for free there was probably a time when you could afford to pamper yourself whether it was with a mani, pedi or professional shave (as much as they hate to admit it, guys love to be pampered too).

However, no that you’re a humble student you can no longer afford such luxuries meaning that all the pampering that you have will have to be D.I.Y or come as part of a pampering session between friends. Girls that means painting your own nails and guys that means doing your wet shave yourself.

Luckily we’re here to help and have picked the five best shaving products for guys and five best nail products for girls to get you through your D.I.Y treatment.

Guys, we know that there is nothing better than a nice wet shave with a good douse of aftershave balm for good measure, however you can also achieve a great feeling by doing this at home yourself.

Start by washing your face with the Nivea Sensitive Face Wash to remove all of the grease and impurities from your face so that you have a clean slate to work from.  If you suffer from bumps and ingrown hairs it is a good idea to use an exfoliating scrub as this will not only deeply cleanse your skin, it will also aid in bringing out any hairs that haven’t quite broken the skin, try L’oreal Men Pure & Matte Gel Wash to get rid of that dead skin.

Follow this by applying Gillette Irritation Defense Shaving Foam all over your face ready to begin your shave; this is better than most as it doesn’t irritate the skin as much. The razor that you use tends to depend on how hairy you are but a good one is the Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Razor as it has four blades and creates minimal irritation, plus it has a middle of the road price tag and let’s face it, why would you want to splurge on a razor when you could spend your hard earned student wedge on beer?

To complete your shave you need to apply a good amount of aftershave balm to prevent stinging, dry skin and spots. The Bulldog Natural Grooming Original After Shave Balm is packed with essential oils that will help to moisturise and revitalise the skin.

Girls, we know that there is nothing better than a good manicure but no-one wants to pay salon prices. Luckily, there are a vast amount of products available to create silky smooth hands. Begin by washing your hand with Soap & Glory’s Wash Your Hands Of It, which is ideal because it doesn’t dry out the skin on your hands and it smells great.

Next, use cuticle oil. Skintruth’s Neroli and Rosemary offering is great and won’t break the bank and will soften the cuticles so that they can be easily removed before painting. To paint your nails you will need to start by applying base coat to prevent nail staining, Boots do a duo set encompassing both a base coat to begin with and a top coat to use when you’ve finished and it’s a steal so it’s perfect for students.

The fun part is painting your nails and there are a number of brands on the market with a vast amount of colours. Everyone has a favourite and due to the size of the bottle and the sheer range of colours available, Model’s Own is a definite favourite. The glitter collection is to die for.

Lastly, after you have applied top coat you will need to moisturise your hands so that they are silky soft. I Love…Coconut & Cream Super Soft Hand Lotion is great as it leave your hands silky and smooth whilst smelling tropical.

For the price that you would pay for one wet shave or one manicure in the salon, you could probably perform more than 10 D.I.Y ones proving that doing it yourself will help you out financially, and you can put whatever you’ve saved into your student piggy bank.

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