Month: October 2012

A guide to the best Halloween costumes: part 3, guys

If you’re a typical guy and dressing up and making a fuss doesn’t sound overly appealing then Halloween can seem like a bit of a nightmare. With all of the makeup, silly costumes and excitement that surround Halloween, occasionally males tend to pull their face about the effort that it takes to pull off a… Read more »

A guide to the best Halloween costumes: part 2, girls


One thing that girls do really well is dressing up and themed nights and of course Halloween is one night that you can make a massive effort, wear ridiculous clothes and lather on the makeup and it’s all okay. With Halloween less than a week away, if you haven’t decided on what you’re going to… Read more »

Great Kitchen Gadgets That Would Make the Perfect Gift for a Student

For students, moving into halls or just away from home is an exciting experience for them. For many people this is the first chance that they have to experience freedom. This is also their first chance to start using the kitchen and cooking their own meals, which is something that tends to create a few… Read more »

A guide to the best D.I.Y Halloween costumes: part 1, Unisex


Halloween is just around the corner. Yes that time of year is here when you can wear the most horrific thing you could possibly imagine and it’s completely okay to do so. One thing about students doing Halloween is that you can wear something horrific and improvise to your heart’s content whilst making the most… Read more »

Development and tourism in Ras Al Khaimah see 2012 growth

The sheer development in the emirate is predicted to drive further tourism to the already improving location. In summary: The emirate welcomed over 500,000 tourists Beach hotels reached 82% for H1 of 2012 RAK should see further tourism with the development of the Real Madrid Resort Although Dubai may be the most common talking point… Read more »

London is the top area for graduate jobs according to new research


Most students have a plan about what they’re going to do when they finish uni. Key elements such as where you will live, what job you strive to get and how much money you will need to start you career off are all crucial things that need to be planned in advance. Research from the… Read more »

Lloyds TSB report highlights that people want to downsize

Older people are key to the downsizing market with many wanting to move into a bungalow. In summary: 59% of people want to move to a smaller home 45% of potential downsizers currently live in a detached house Nearly half want to move into a bungalow Traditionally, people buy a home, then after so long… Read more »