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Zoopla survey reveals Halloween hotspots and spooky street names

Cambridge was the best place for trick or treaters whilst Oldham was indexed as the worst.

In summary:

  • Street names containing ‘Devil’ have an average property price of £496,561
  • 59% of people said they wouldn’t buy a knowingly haunted house
  • 10% said that they would view a haunted house

With Halloween around the corner it’s not too much of a surprise that the occasional spooktacular survey has taken place, the latest from Zoopla highlighting the UK’s best trick or treating hotspots.

The Trick or Treat Index takes into consideration factors such as property values, road safety and crime and density of households to rank towns and cities in terms of which are best for trick or treating.

The best location was deemed to be Cambridge due to the high density of homeowners and a low number of road traffic accidents and crime whilst Norwich followed closely behind in second place.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the capital, London was ranked third with the most notable London areas being Bromley in the South-East, Wandsworth in the South-West and Barnet in the North.

As for the worst places to go trick or treating Oldham, Middlesbrough and Colchester were ranked as the worst with higher crime rates and road traffic accident and lower population density and property values.

Lawrence Hall of Zoopla commented: “Seasoned trick or treaters know what will help them secure a better Halloween haul and stay safe doing so. It’s a combination of factors including a high density of affluent homes along with good road safety and low crime.

“Homeowners in Cambridge might want to stock up on treats this Halloween, following our research, or else be prepared for some tricks coming their way.”

The top 10 places for trick or treaters were listed as Cambridge, Norwich, London, Northampton, Ipswich, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Sheffield, York and Bristol whilst the worst places revealed on the index were Oldham, Middlesbrough, Colchester, Preston, Brighton, Barnsley, Hull, Bolton, Leicester and Nottingham.

Keeping in line with the Halloween theme, Britain is also home to several streets with spooky names, the perfect targets for trick or treaters. Those 14 streets with ‘Devil’ in their name had the highest average property value of £496,561 whilst those five streets containing the word ‘Witch’ had the lowest average of £156,925.

In addition to ‘Devil’ and ‘Witch’ there are 275 streets containing the word ‘Broom’ whilst 179 feature the word ‘Crow’ and 158 contain the word ‘Cemetery’. In addition to this 102 streets contain the word ‘Dark’ and 89 feature ‘Moon’ whilst 23 contain the word ‘Bat’ and 22 contain ‘Grave’ and just seven feature the word ‘Dead’.

The Trick or Treat Index wasn’t the only Halloween-inspired survey to be carried out by Zoopla, the property website also asked house hunters if they would be put-off buying a house if they were told that it was haunted with 59 percent stating that they would have no interest in a house that is haunted whilst a quarter said that it would make no difference. On the other hand 10 percent of those asked said that they would be encouraged to view a house upon finding out that it is haunted.

Hall added: “Those living on streets with spooky names have the opportunity to go all guns blazing on Halloween.

“However, for homeowners who believe their properties are haunted, our survey shows that they may be better remaining tight lipped when it comes time to sell.”

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