Maradona reveals desire to spend rest of life in Dubai

Maradona reveals desire to spend rest of life in Dubai

Football legend Diego Maradona has revealed he has a strong desire to move to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and live in Dubai for the rest of his life.

Speaking to UAE news provider Al Ittihad, the Argentine coach said he loved the lifestyle people enjoy in the nation, adding he wants to “spend the rest of my life in Dubai”.

“I found everything is beautiful in this country whether dealing among the people, the discipline or the way of life,” the famous footballer-turned coach commented.

The 52-year-old added that people in the UAE are “good, affectionate and caring”, and Maradona has had plenty of experience with nationals as he was a coach for Al Wasl club and was named an Honorary Ambassador of Sports by Dubai Sport Council last year.

“I feel that I am closely associated with the people in the UAE given the good treatment I receive in this country … for this reason, I feel that I am one of them.”

Maradona has enjoyed a very successful career in football and was propelled into international fame when he scored the winning goals for Argentina in the 1986 World Cup final against England. One of these goals was achieved through a handball, which the referee failed to spot and, ever since then, he has been given the moniker “Hand of God”.

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