Dubai announces plans for first green mosque

Dubai announces plans for first green mosque

The first green mosque in Dubai is scheduled to open in March 2014.


  • Dubai announces plans for its first green mosque
  • It will open in March 2014 and will be large enough for 3,500 people
  • It complies with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015 for sustainable buildings

The property market in Dubai may be changing as the city is set to open its first green mosque, which could mean more developments become increasingly environmentally friendly in the future.

Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF) said the building will be made from eco-friendly materials and it will do its bit for the environment by using less water and energy than traditional mosques.

AMAF Secretary General Tayed Al Rais said: “Setting new standards for sustainable mosques in the UAE and the wider region, the mosque will conform to green standards for reducing energy, water and materials consumption.”

He went on to say the AMAF hopes to make a lot of Dubai mosques eco-friendly by 2015 by using thermal insulation systems to reduce energy consumption and air conditioning units that release a lower amount of greenhouse gases.

This new mosque fits in with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015, which states that all new properties in Dubai will comply with green building standards. This will help it meet Dubai’s needs in the future by developing long-term water, energy and electricity management strategies. Another aim of the plan is to make sure the Emirate remains safe and clean, which will come by raising environmental awareness, updating regulations and developing green policies.

When it is complete in March 2014, the 45,000 sq ft mosque will be big enough for 3,500 worshippers.

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