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40% British adults use comfort blankets

Many adults are still as reliant on their comfort blankets as children, with two in five Brits saying they have emotional blankets.

This is according to TopCashback, which revealed adults comfort themselves in a number of ways after findings revealed 72% of British people are concerned about their emotional wellbeing.

Natasha-Rachel Smith, Consumer Affairs Expert at, said: “Regardless of age, everyone could do with a comfort blanket when going through a rough patch, whether it’s falling out with a friend, having a bad day at work or feeling heavily cash-strapped.”

She added that it is “encouraging” adults are seeking comforts to make themselves feel better.

According to research, 49% do this by planning more free activities to look forward to, 47% said they want to find more cost-effective ways to socialise with their friends, 46% spend more time with family and the same proportion creating more time for themselves by exercising or relaxing.

Students hoping to enjoy themselves this May bank holiday can take a look at our suggestions on things that are going on in Manchester over the weekend. Getting out and doing something helps to lift moods, giving them fewer reasons to grab their comfort blankets.

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