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Final check with landlord will improve chances of a deposit return

Students have been advised they should look around their accommodation with their landlord before they move out, as this will improve their hopes of getting their full deposit back.

Editor of studentmoneysaver.co.uk David Ellis recently wrote in The Telegraph everything possible should be done prior to giving the keys back.

By walking around with the landlord, residents can see what they are unhappy with and what they can change while they still live there.

“If items are damaged and will come out of the deposit, instead offer to source and replace them (this invariably is cheaper) and if anything needs a little work, you’ll have time to do it now rather than on leaving day,” said Mr Ellis.

He stated that this also gives tenants the opportunity to discuss house matters face-to-face, adding that when the landlord does his final check, it is  a good idea to join them on this to see what damages they plan on charging for.

Should the landlord not return the full deposit for reasons the tenant does not agree with, they have the chance to dispute this by writing a formal letter. The downpayment for the student accommodation is tied up in a tenancy deposit scheme, so it is as important to the landlord to resolve the problem as it is for the resident, as they also do not have access to the money while it is held in this fund.

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