Race still ‘important factor’ why students are stopped by police

Race still ‘important factor’ why students are stopped by police

The factors that determine why students are stopped and searched by the police have been revealed.

Criminologist from The University of Manchester Dr Juanjo Medina explained there are certain socio-demographic reasons behind these actions. However, he noted that race still plays a big part in why some people are stopped by the police.

He stated that data from England and Wales 2009/2010 revealed Asian people are more than twice as likely to be searched than white people, while black people are seven times more likely to be stopped.

Dr Medina went on to say: “Our findings suggest that even when we control for other socio-demographic factors, self-reported illegal behaviour, area characteristics and degree of street presence, ethnicity still matters.”

Police should include stop-and-search locations in crime locations on the Police.uk website, according to the criminologist, calling for more transparency on stop-and-search data.

He stated that this would improve public monitoring and would encourage the police to stop people from diverse backgrounds.

At Police.uk, people can find out how many crimes occurred near them in the last month and what these criminal acts were.

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