Students ‘shouldn’t be given breakdown of tuition fees’

Students ‘shouldn’t be given breakdown of tuition fees’

University students should not be provided with a course-by-course breakdown of their tuition fees.

This is according to Deputy Chief Executive of the Higher Education Funding for England Steve Egan, who was reported by The Times as saying it would raise issues because of competition laws.

He spoke at the Higher Education Finances – Transparent Approach to Costing (Trac) Reporting, Shared Services and Diversifying Income Streams conference organised by the Westminster Education Forum on May 15th. During the event, he said it would “probably [be] illegal” as universities may be put in a position of having to compete against each other to prove the worth of the courses they offer.

Mr Egan was reported by the news provider as saying: “The students themselves do not want cost information course by course. What they want to know is how much they are going to pay.”

Last month, Hefce announced it would not release Trac information, as it stated there is no “no evidence” people want this data.

While university students cannot find out specific pricing information about their courses, they can get a breakdown of typical university costs on the UCAS website. It states universities in England, Scotland and Wales charge up to £9,000 for higher education. Scottish or European Union (EU) students at universities in Scotland get their education for free, while people in Northern Ireland and the EU are charged up to £3,575 for universities in Northern Ireland.

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