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Teesside students are UK’s biggest tea drinkers

Students at Teesside University are the biggest tea drinkers in the country, according to a recent survey Student Beans.

The University Tea Drinking League found students at Teesside University and Aston University consume the highest number of cups of tea, having an average of 2.95 cups a day.

Editor of Oliver Brann said tea is the “perfect drink” for university students, saying it creates a community atmosphere and provides an excuse to have a break from studying.

“It has cemented many friendships, bonded hallmates and housemates and has got millions of students through exams,” commented Mr Brann.

Coming in third position in the survey was Anglia Ruskin University, with students having 2.9 cups a day, while Aberystwyth University, Leeds Metropolitan University and Birmingham University came in fourth and joint fifth place respectively.

Among the rest of the top ten were The University of Aberdeen,The University of York, The University of Cumbria and The University of Sunderland in that order.

Manchester Metropolitan University took 22nd position, with a typical 1.94 cups of tea per day, while students at The University of Manchester have 1.85 cups on average, putting the institution in 28th place.

There was disparity between the number of cups of tea generally drunken at universities in Liverpool, as students at Liverpool John Moores University drink 2.11 a day, those at The University of Liverpool have 1.68 per day and people at Liverpool Hope University consume 1.18 in a 24-hour period.

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