78% landlords want more advice on BTL industry

78% landlords want more advice on BTL industry

Nearly eight in ten landlords say they need more information about changes to the BTL market.


  • Paragon reveals 78% of landlords need more advice on the BTL market
  • 89% of those who own more than 11 properties say they need assistance
  • Constant legislation changes mean landlords need constant information and advice

The majority of landlords would like to have access to more advice on the buy-to-let (BLT) market, according to recent research.

Paragon Mortgages has revealed 78% of BTL property investors require advice on landlord issues, with 46% saying they find it challenging to understand all the changes to government legislation and taxes.

The mortgage provider also revealed 89% of landlords with more than 11 properties have a significant requirement for assistance on the market.

John Heron, Director of Mortgages, said: “Although many of the landlords surveyed were greatly experienced, having owned buy-to-let properties for a considerable time, there is still a need across the board for information, help and advice.”

He added that the BTL sector is always changing, so professional landlords need just as much information as those who have just begun their landlord career.

Mr Heron suggested joining groups like the National Landlords Association (NLA) where they can easily access all the information they require and learn about any changes in the market.

More than 1.4 million landlords are members of the NLA, with the organisation offering benefits such as substantial savings, a subscription to a magazine for landlords called UK Landlord, and free access to the NLA’s Telephone Advice Link, which successfully deals with over 38,000 every year.


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