Dubai’s property market ‘offers strong returns’

Dubai’s property market ‘offers strong returns’

Investors will be well-placed to buy property in Dubai, according to one expert.


  • Dubai’s property market provides ‘strong returns’
  • There are growing opportunities for newcomer investors
  • The Code of Corporate Governance has helped encourage investment by boosting confidence in the market

Investors looking for high returns on their assets could consider putting money in the Dubai property market, after one expert said this sector offers great financial opportunities.

Marwan bin Ghulaita, Chief Executive Officer of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Rera), told the Khaleej Times that the market should encourage first-time investors in Dubai property.

“Dubai is growing and investors are getting good returns and there is opportunity for newcomers,” he was quoted as saying.

His comments come following the Dubai Land Department launched a Code of Corporate Governance; this lists new regulations and responsibilities for developers, which is intended to make it safer for investors so they can avoid any delay in the completion of the project.

“The code has been shared with all developers and it is being implemented slowly among them,” Mr bin Ghulaita told the news provider.

The Corporate Governance Code in the United Arab Emirates is a voluntary arrangement that was introduced to provide companies with guidelines of good corporate governance, which will encourage investment in small and medium-sized companies as investors can have more confidence in how their money will be looked after.



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