Month: June 2013

Vita Student at First Street, Manchester update – June 2013

Vita Student is pleased to update you on the current construction progress and news for Vita Student at First Street, Manchester. With the site set up already, the main contractor Carillion has now started initial works on the Vita Student at First Street building. The machinery you can see on site in these pictures is… Read more »

Vita Student at Crosshall, Liverpool update – June 2013

Vita Student is pleased to update you on the current construction progress and news for Vita Student at Crosshall. The support system for the external walls of Crosshall Building has been completed. The adjacent footpath and the inside lane of the street have been closed off to the public and vehicles to enable internal demolition… Read more »

Accommodation fees paid by parents of one-third of students

A number of students have their accommodation fees paid for by their parents, according to a recent survey by Rightmove. The online property search specialists released findings yesterday (June 17th) about student properties and renting. It showed that 32% of students who took part in the survey said their parents pay for their rental charges…. Read more »

Buy-to-let report reveals market is getting stronger

man with a house key

Summary: BTL mortgages has risen from 44,000 in 1999 to 122,000 in 2011 £3,100 million was lent to BTL investors in 1999 compared with £14,000 million in 2011 The BTL sector is now looking “robust” The buy-to-let (BTL) market in the UK is getting more robust, a recent document has revealed. Select Property recently released… Read more »

Property prices in north-west rise 10.7% in 6 months

House prices rise 0.4% in June

Asking prices for houses in the north-west have increased by 10.7% since the beginning of the year. Summary: Property values in the north-west climbed 1.7% from May to June This is a rise of 10.7% from the start of 2013 Typical property prices in the region are now £168,013 Asking prices for properties in the… Read more »

New student discount ID prepares to launch

A new student ID has launched that will offer university attendees discounts on famous brands, including shops, restaurants and entertainment and leisure facilities. Student Beans has introduced the digital ID, which is intended to help both students by saving them money and businesses in university towns by raising their awareness among university goers. The Student… Read more »

RAK Airport attracts European airline carriers

August saw 95,000 tourists visit RAK

More European airlines will begin travelling to RAK International Airport. Summary: More airline carriers from Europe and Russia will fly to RAK International Airport This will help the airport expand significantly in 2013 304,843 people travelled to RAK International Airport in Q1 2013 A number of European carriers have committed to fly their services to… Read more »

Dubai’s property market ‘offers strong returns’


Investors will be well-placed to buy property in Dubai, according to one expert. Summary: Dubai’s property market provides ‘strong returns’ There are growing opportunities for newcomer investors The Code of Corporate Governance has helped encourage investment by boosting confidence in the market Investors looking for high returns on their assets could consider putting money in… Read more »