Moving to Dubai – how to choose where to live

Moving to Dubai – how to choose where to live

When moving to a different country, there is a lot of information you have to learn in order to make relocating as smooth a process as possible. After you have got a new job, found somewhere for your children to go to school and organised your visas, you’ll be beginning to look for somewhere to live. Should you be relocating to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), these tips on choosing a new property in Dubai will definitely come in handy.

–          Experience the high life in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina has taken over as the most luxurious place to live in the UAE city, with the area boasting excellent transport links, exquisite views of the water and some of the best apartments in Dubai.

As well as being situated just off Skeikh Zayed Road from where residents can easily access the city’s business centres for work, it also has lots of amenities that are suitable for families. Its luxury apartment buildings, for example, often have their own swimming pools, spa facilities and shops.

There are also a lot of attractions nearby if you have children to keep amused on the weekends, such as shopping malls, the aquarium and theme parks. It is also on the water, so those who live here can enjoy living by the sea, whether they want to cool off from the hot sunshine or have a splash around from time to time.

There are also strong economic benefits from buying a property in Dubai Marina with this area continuing to offer strong price increases, which means you can make substantial gains by investing in the area, as well as enjoy a luxury lifestyle by living here. Indeed, Cluttons revealed apartments in Dubai Marina grew in value by 25.1% during the second quarter of 2013, during which time villa prices rose by 21%.

skyline at night

–          Enjoy island life in Jumeirah

One of the biggest reasons why lots of people choose to emigrate to Dubai is to be able to enjoy its hot climate and beach life; if this sounds like you, it might be worth considering choosing Jumeirah as somewhere to live.

This is a residential area on the coastline that is particularly popular among families, with Jumeirah mainly comprising of private dwellings, such as town houses and detached properties. This area is typically occupied by those looking for an exclusive place to live in Dubai, with it being one of the most expensive places in the city to purchase a property.

–          Live in Downtown Dubai

An alternative place to live is Downtown Dubai, in the heart of the city. The area is perhaps most famous for being the location of Burj Khalifa – the tallest build in the world and the city’s main landmark – as well as The Dubai Mall and The Address Downtown Dubai, which is the 306 m skyscraper next to the shopping centre.

As there are so many attractions nearby, you can see why this area is very popular as a place to live. However, you can expect it to be very busy; therefore, it might not be the best area if you have a young family. While places like Dubai Marina have lots of amenities that will keep children entertained, lots of apartments in Downtown Dubai rely on its central location as being its main appeal, without having to offer lots of facilities and nearby leisure activities to cater for young residents.

With lots of great destinations to live in Dubai, you won’t be stuck for choice, but it is always wise to remember to find somewhere that will cater for your whole family, including your partner and children if you’re not relocating alone. 

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