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Only 9% of UK tenants have experienced deposit deductions

New figures show that just 9% of tenants in the UK have had deductions made to their deposit, which is good news for both renters and landlords.

A poll conducted by tenancy deposit protection scheme My Deposits has found that just 9% of tenants in the private rented sector have had deductions made from their deposits.

Just 4% of tenants in Wales faced a deduction and the figure was similarly low in the North East at 7%.

The poll showed that tenants in the Midlands were most likely to experience a deduction to their deposit compared to other areas in the UK.

Around 12% of tenants in the East Midlands and 11% in the West Midlands said their landlord or letting agent had retained money from their deposit.

In the South East, 10% of tenants said they had faced deposit deductions, with the region representing the next highest group.

Low deposit deduction figures bring good news for tenants and also for landlords, who can rest assured after making a property investment that their assets are being well looked after.

Tenants in Wales were not only least likely to have deductions suggested by their landlord, but were also the most confident about discussing the return of their deposit at the end of their tenancy, with 39% saying they felt self-assured when broaching the issue.

CEO of My Deposits, Eddie Hooker, said: “It’s vital that tenants are both aware and informed about the law and their rights because deposit protection was introduced to safeguard their money, and they should have it returned in full at the end of the tenancy if they don’t breach any of their obligations.”

The poll sheds light on strong landlord-tenant relationships, and follows another study by AA Home Membership which revealed that one in five landlords even cut their holidays short to help tenants in need.

Seven in ten landlords have radically changed their plans in order to help with repairs, showing they are going above and beyond to maintain a good relationship with their tenants.

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