Select Property Investment Round Up May 15

Select Property Investment Round Up May 15

Happy Friday! In case you missed some of the biggest investment news stories from the past seven days, you will find them all below:

What Other Investors Are Reading

The ‘northern powerhouse’ & regional buy-to-let property

What’s the story? A re-elected Conservative government will now press ahead with plans of establishing a ‘northern powerhouse’, economic investment in the north of England which aims to bridge the gap between the region and London.

How does this affect my investment? It means that investing in real estate in the north of England will continue to be one of the biggest opportunities for both domestic and overseas property investors.

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Will surge for London property see more turn to UK regions?

What’s the story? Estate agents in London recorded a spike in interest from luxury property investors following a majority Conservative victory.

How does this affect my investment? After the threat of Labour’s mansion tax saw more investors get acquainted with regional UK property, will more investors traditionally drawn to the capital realise the opportunity that lies in cities such as Manchester and Sheffield?

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Will surge for London property see more turn to UK regions?


General Election result & property – 3 things we’ve learned

What’s the story? Now that the General Election is over, many UK property investors will be wondering what a new Conservative government will mean for their real estate investment.

How does this affect my investment? Could economic stability help drive a surge of overseas investors to the UK?

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Stats at a Glance


15 may


Quote to Remember

On Vita Student being nominated for Student Accommodation Provider of the Year at the 2015 RESI Awards:

“For a two-year-old brand to be shortlisted as Student Accommodation Operator of the Year alongside providers that have been established for decades is sensational and we are proud to have been recognised.”

Trevor Moore, CEO of Vita Student & COO of Select Property Group.


What’s New?

New investment guide – ‘What does a Conservative win mean for UK property investment?’

This week we published our latest guide analysing the General Election result. What property policies will the Conservatives look to implement now that they’re back in Number 10? What will be the biggest opportunities for investors in the UK over the next five years?

Download the guide now.

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Further Reading

Funds or families? Intelligent property investment benefits both

Select Property Director Giles Beswick discusses the housing crisis that was highlighted during the General Election campaign and suggests that property investment is a function of providing the homes that people want to live in, not a force that opposes it.

Read more.

Giles Beswick


Looking ahead to next week..

We’ll have a feature from the Select Property Group’s Design Director Cathy Mocke on the design process undertaken with every one of the Group’s property developments.

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