Property developers ‘need to focus on wellness to attract tenants’

Property developers ‘need to focus on wellness to attract tenants’

Tenants are increasingly expecting their homes to provide them with a level of wellbeing, a factor that property developers need to consider when designing developments.


  • People are more conscious of their wellbeing than ever before, research by CRBE found
  • Property developers need to design buildings that generate this feeling of wellness for tenants
  • By focusing on elements such as acoustics, layout, and natural light developers can encourage tenants to choose long-term tenancies

Property developers need to look beyond luxurious swimming pools and gyms to deliver a much-desired element of ‘wellness’ for tenants, according to new research.

Research conducted by CBRE has looked into wellness in a far wider sense, based on the seven dimensions set out by Dr Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute, an American non-profit foundation.

The idea behind the seven dimensions – intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, physical and environmental – is that each has to be present, and in balance, to live happy, fulfilled lives. For property developers, the challenge is to weave these dimensions into the design and construction of a development.

“People are more conscious of wellbeing far more than ever before and not just on a physical level. We want to live both physically and mentally in the best possible way. Our homes should be a sanctuary of calm, but also an invigorating and stimulating environment, away from the fast-paced, stressful surroundings of our workplaces,” said Lisa Hollands, Managing Director of Residential at CBRE.

CRBE believes that, at its broadest level, the way the property is built, including elements such as the acoustics and layout down to the flow of air and amount of natural light, play a vital hand in how we feel, sleep and live within our homes.

Developers need to look towards energy-saving technologies and design that maximises a property’s sustainability and lifespan, helping to encourage long-term tenancies and attract tenants to ‘put down roots’ within developments that provide wellness.

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