Month: February 2017

Priced out, London property prices are now more than double the UK average


Amidst a 68% growth in property prices, London’s rental market is now showing signs of topping out, with both investors and tenants looking to property outside of the city. Summary The average London house price has increased by 68% since 2011 Rising rental rates are outstripping wage growth in the city More renters are looking… Read more »

Chinese investors’ drop Australia for UK property


Chinese property investors are shifting their focus from Australia to the UK as market regulators increase pressure on banks to curb foreign lending, in an attempt to moderate rapidly rising prices. Summary Four major Australian banks have stopped issuing loans to non-resident borrowers with no domestic income The proportion of new property sales accounted for… Read more »

Build-to-rent: A five-year evolution

Uk housing

  Build-to-rent has seen the dramatic development and evolution of the private rented sector over the last five years. Experts now expect the next five years will deliver further significant changes, improving the supply and quality of accommodation available to the UK’s growing rental population. Summary The private rented sector has evolved dramatically since 2011… Read more »

Tenant demand for UK rental property up 31%

Buy-to-let borrowing falls ahead of imminent changes to tax relief on mortgage interest

Letting agents are reporting tenant numbers are outstripping the supply of rental property, stating that “rent prices will just continue to rise”. Summary: The supply of UK property still cannot keep pace with rising demand from tenants Prospective renters registering with letting agents rose by 31% month-on-month in January Rental rates “will just continue to… Read more »

Dubai property investors: Don’t sell yet – growth could be just ahead


Competition from an influx of off-plan developments has seen a reduction in property sales prices for investors. Investors are advised to delay sales of their assets while the market continues to improve ahead of Expo 2020. Summary Dubai property market continues to generate high rental yields for investors but reduced sales prices. As a result… Read more »

Investor caution: What assets will be hit by Brexit, Budget & more

Investor caution: What assets will be hit by Brexit, Budget & more If safe havens such as gold and UK property should be at the top of your strategy, are these assets among those to put on hold over the next few months?   2017 is arguably the most important year this decade for the global investor community. And some of the biggest events that are likely... Read more »

Declining Singapore property prices boost sales but dampen investor interest


A decline in Singapore property prices has seen an increase in demand from home buyers, but a loss of capital appreciation for investors. As a result, many investors are now looking to acquire overseas assets. Summary Singapore’s property demand remains very resilient, despite cooling measures implemented by the government Property prices fell 3% in 2016,… Read more »

UK tenants afraid to ask landlords for home improvements


UK tenants are living in poor-quality homes, fearing any complaints or requests for improvements will be met with retaliatory action from their landlord. Build-to-rent aims to address these issues. Summary Many UK tenants are too afraid to request improvements to their rental property Tenants are choosing to live in dangerously cold homes, rather than requesting… Read more »