Equities or UK property? How to Invest in 2017: A guide

Equities or UK property? How to Invest in 2017: A guide

From Brexit to Donald Trump, the next 12 months are littered with uncertainty. So which assets should investors be looking at to protect their portfolios?


2017 is already starting to look like it’ll be another interesting year for markets and investors around the world.

Over the last 12 months, the rule book has been ripped up. Unexpected political results happened. Currencies once renowned for their strength dropped to historic lows. And even the most stable of markets have been caught up in the volatility.

More of the same is expected in 2017.

There’s the uncertainty of Brexit, and how the official negotiation process of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, which will begin by March 30th, will affect markets.

Then there’s the continued roll out of Donald Trump’s policies after his inauguration as US President, which have already sparked international protests and caused fluctuations in American financial markets and the value of the dollar.

What’s more, 2017 also brings the prospect of new landmark political events across Europe, with a number of key elections in countries such as France, the Netherlands and Germany that could have outcomes with serious consequences for the rest of the continent.

So what will this mean for your investments? And what action do you need to take to ensure your portfolio is 2017-ready?

Select Property’s new guide, ‘How to Invest in 2017’, explores all of these upcoming events and which investments will prove to be the most resilient.

  • Will investors still be able to rely on equities and government bonds, two assets that have fluctuated wildly in recent months?
  • From gold to UK property, which safe-havens should investors look to add to portfolios if they want to reduce their exposure from these economic and political uncertainty?
  • The guide also analyses how 2017 will shape investments in key regions, from the UK and South Africa, to the Middle East and Far East.

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