Month: March 2017

April 2017: Buy-to-let mortgage tax changes. What investors need to know


In March 2015 the government announced a number of changes and restrictions it planned to implement within the buy-to-let (BTL) industry, in a bid to reduce levels of BTL finance and tackle the country’s housing crisis, by not restricting the supply of new owner-occupied homes. What are the changes? A cut to mortgage interest tax… Read more »

Latest sales figures show Hong Kong property curbs aren’t working


Hong Kong homes are now the least affordable in the world after cooling measures implemented by the government fail to slow price growth. Summary Despite the implementation of numerous cooling measures, Hong Kong real estate prices continue to rise The Hong Kong housing market is now the least affordable in the world As property becomes… Read more »

Brexit begins: The timeline UK & international investors need

shutterstock_609154124 With Prime Minister Theresa May invoking Article 50, here are the key dates investors with British assets should be ready for over the next few years. After the landmark vote and months of debate and uncertainty, today (Wednesday March 29th) the UK officially begins the process of leaving the European Union. British Prime Minister Theresa... Read more »

UK continues to be prime hotspot for GCC property investors

UK continues to be prime hotspot for GCC property investors

UK still the no.1 safe-haven investment location for wealthy GCC investors, as Qatari government declares it will invest “£5bn in the UK” over next 5 years.   Summary: London and the rest of the UK remains the most popular offshore investment for wealthy property investors based in GCC states Brexit has created “the perfect opportunity”… Read more »

Dubai property steals the show in Shanghai


On March 24th the Dubai Property Show took place in Shanghai, presenting prospective Chinese investors with some of Dubai’s most luxurious real estate offerings. Summary Dubai real estate is one of the most popular assets for the international investor community Chinese investment in the emirate’s property market has grown considerably since 2012 The Dubai Property… Read more »

Indian investors biggest buyers of Dubai property

Indian investors biggest buyers of Dubai property

Indians bought AED 12 billion worth of real estate in the emirate in 2016, attracted by “the UAE’s safe-haven status and stable economic growth”. Summary: Investors from India bought and spent the most on Dubai real estate last year Transactions totalled AED 91 billion in 2016, with over 13% of this total coming from Indian… Read more »

Hong Kong election Q&A: What investors need to know

shutterstock_608007335 As the special administrative region elects its new Chief Executive, how will it impact on property and other Hong Kong investments? Q: What has just happened? A: Hong Kong has just elected its new Chief Executive, Carrie Lam. Ms Lam was previously the deputy to the city’s outgoing leader, CY Leung. Q: What makes this... Read more »

Manchester property boasts fastest price growth in UK

Manchester property boasts fastest price growth in UK

As average values in the north-west city soar 8.8%, price growth in London falls over 50% in just 12 months. Summary: Property prices in the UK now rise fastest in Manchester Average values in the north-west city rose by 8.8% in the 12 months to February 2017 But price growth in London stood at just… Read more »