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Moving to Dubai? Here’s some info to help you out

Moving to Dubai from the UK involves taking a big step and making a big commitment, but you can find everything you need in the emirate. When you look out of the window at the moment you’d be forgiven for thinking that we are living in a tropical rainforest. This year it seems that the… Read more »

History and customs of Dubai


If you are one of the many people planning on residing in or investing in Dubai then it is always a good idea to know a bit about the place before you embark on your journey there. Not only is it important to research things like visas and laws, it is good to know about the history of the country or city that you will be staying in.

Dubai laws: How to stay out of trouble

Leaving the clouds and rain of the UK behind and heading for the sun in Dubai is a great thing to do. But ensure that you are aware of the rules and regulations before you go.

Dubai: How to get around

Dubai International airport

So you’ve decided that you want to make a move to the sun, sea and sand of Dubai. You may already have your job lined up and all you need to know is how to get around your new home. Luckily, there are many ways of getting around Dubai, whether you simply want to explore or have to commute to work.

Spotlight on: Al Reem Island

abu dhabi

There are exciting plans for the Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi, but Dubai currently fares better with investors and tourists. There are a number of things that make the Al Reem Island attractive. The waterfront development is close to downtown Abu Dhabi where a range of amenities can be found as well as being… Read more »

Spotlight on The Al Marjan Island

The Al Marjan Island is an investment location that offers considerable opportunity. Designed to become a haven of luxurious living and unparalleled leisure, Al Marjan Island is the first man-made island in Ras al Khaimah. As the most scenic and naturally beautiful emirate, Ras al Khaimah is a growing tourism destination. It’s already the location… Read more »

Market Research: Dubai’s property market for the investor.

Overview Historically, Dubai was treated as one property market in its entirety with property throughout the emirate witnessing similar price increases; however the severe affects 2008’s financial crisis has ended this speculation driven growth. After a steep decline in property prices across the board, Dubai is now experiencing strong recovery in a few key areas…. Read more »