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What do tenants want from your UK property investment?

What do tenants want from your UK property investment?

From bedroom numbers to proximity to local work and education hubs, a new survey reveals the amenities young British tenants prioritise, giving investors an insight into what makes the strongest investment property. Summary: Young UK tenants reveal the things they want when looking for a rental home 40% of 18 to 24-year-old renters in the… Read more »

UK property: Supply of rental property continues to fall

UK property: Supply of rental property continues to fall

Despite rising demand, housing levels in Britain’s private rented sector are dwindling, highlighting the need for more investment in purpose-built rental property for the country’s growing number of tenants. Summary: Up to 4,000 traditional buy-to-let rental properties are being sold each month by private landlords New taxes introduced to curb buy-to-let investment are forcing more… Read more »

Demand for rental property in the UK continues to rise

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New research finds up to a third of young people in Britain will now rent for their entire lives, underlining the need for more investment in key UK city markets. Summary: Volume of people using the UK’s private rental sector revealed by think tank report, with over a third of young people now set to… Read more »

The Autumn Budget 2017. What can we expect for the UK property market?


Could Phillip Hammond’s inaugural Autumn Budget bring about much needed and significant changes to the UK housing market? All will be revealed on Wednesday, November 22nd. With a view to simplifying the business of setting taxes and government spending, Chancellor Phillip Hammond made the announcement in November of last year that the Spring Budget would… Read more »

April 2017: Buy-to-let mortgage tax changes. What investors need to know


In March 2015 the government announced a number of changes and restrictions it planned to implement within the buy-to-let (BTL) industry, in a bid to reduce levels of BTL finance and tackle the country’s housing crisis, by not restricting the supply of new owner-occupied homes. What are the changes? A cut to mortgage interest tax… Read more »

London named world’s second most expensive city for renters


  Both tenants and investors are looking beyond London as the UK’s capital is named the second most expensive city in the world in terms of rental prices. Summary Londoners are spending 45% of their wage on rent The UK capital is ranked as the world’s second most expensive city in which to rent More… Read more »

UK tenants afraid to ask landlords for home improvements


UK tenants are living in poor-quality homes, fearing any complaints or requests for improvements will be met with retaliatory action from their landlord. Build-to-rent aims to address these issues. Summary Many UK tenants are too afraid to request improvements to their rental property Tenants are choosing to live in dangerously cold homes, rather than requesting… Read more »