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Window of Opportunity for Egypt Property Investment

Egypt’s property market has made a speedy return over the last few weeks, with holiday home buyers returning to the market and property investors impressed by Egypt’s rapid democratic progress. A temporary shift in currency rates has created a window of opportunity for buyers outside of Egypt, particularly for those in the UK, Eurozone and… Read more »

Egypt property market outlook is positive

While reduced confidence in the Egyptian property market has affected demand in the short term, the prospects for medium to long term investment look increasingly positive. A recent statement by investment advisory firm Jones Lang LaSalle explained that on-going uncertainties had caused buyers to sit on the sidelines, but their analysis predicted a positive medium… Read more »

Egypt: Business as usual

Egypt’s stock market re-opened after a 38 day break last week, and after an initial decline, the market saw five consecutive days of growth. Growth was so rapid that the stock exchange’s automatic ‘circuit breakers’ came into play on a number of occasions allowing trading to cool off. The EGX 30 Index jumped its highest… Read more »

Egypt’s investment potential increases significantly

Investor attitudes towards Egypt are rapidly improving as experts predict the country will stand in a much stronger position as a result of political reforms. Egypt’s property market already gained high expectations coming into 2011 from international investment houses as a member of the newly formed CIVETS, the group of nations expected to overtake the… Read more »

Egypt Tourism ‘will bounce back relatively quickly’

As the political unrest in Egypt calms and the country takes significant steps towards democracy, tourism is beginning to return. Industry experts have indentified an upward trend in tourism levels citing increased stability as the major driver towards improved visitor numbers. Jean-Pierre Nadir, the Founding President of a local tour operator said “Britons, especially those… Read more »

Egypt makes progress, slowly returning to stability

Thanks to Egypt’s positive transitional progress, the international credit rating agency Standard & Poor have decided not to down grade the country’s long term credit rating, citing improved prospects for political transition. “The affirmation of Egypt’s ratings reflects our view that the immediate risks to the government’s credit standing have receded,” S&P said. This news… Read more »

Opportunity for investors in post Mubarak Egypt

Unrest in the Middle East and North Africa has split investors into two camps over the future of the country. The knee jerk reaction by many was to sell the assets they held in Egypt fearing the worst at the height of the crisis; however now the dust has settled the overwhelming sentiment seems to… Read more »

Egypt takes steps towards democracy. Investors look for opportunity

As Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq steps down from Egypt’s government, protesters have removed another close associate of Mr Mubarak, replacing him with someone they support. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces announced that Essam Sharaf will form the new government. Essam Sharaf was a popular supporter of the protests and actually took to the… Read more »