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Explained: UK property & the 2017 election for GCC investors

shutterstock_267701990 On June 8th, just 12 months’ after the EU referendum, Britons head to the polls for a snap general election. Below Adam Price, Managing Director for Global Sales at Select Property Group, explains why it’s been called – and what investors based in the GCC need to know about its potential impact on UK real... Read more »

UK continues to be prime hotspot for GCC property investors

UK continues to be prime hotspot for GCC property investors

UK still the no.1 safe-haven investment location for wealthy GCC investors, as Qatari government declares it will invest “£5bn in the UK” over next 5 years.   Summary: London and the rest of the UK remains the most popular offshore investment for wealthy property investors based in GCC states Brexit has created “the perfect opportunity”… Read more »

Why are Kuwaiti’s big international property investors?

Why are Kuwaiti's big international property investors? From the UK to Dubai, Kuwaiti's invest billions into overseas real estate every year. So what prompts the country's investors to seek international assets? And what are many of them looking for? Small in land area and population it may be, but Kuwait is a country of high international significance. Its GDP per capita in... Read more »