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Spain continues to attract tourism and investment

The Spanish economy may not be overly strong at the moment but investment and tourism remain strong. In summary: It is hoped that holidaymakers will afterwards want to purchase property there German, EU, Chinese and Russian tourists are being targeted The building industry is also improving Although the economy in Spain is a major negative… Read more »

Spain wants to attract foreign investment to improve real estate market

Russian investors are already keen on Spain but EU members and China will also be targeted. In summary: Foreign investment could aid the real estate market Investors from the EU, China and Russia are aimed for The system is hoped to be simplified to aid investors Britain has definitely endured a blink-and-you-missed-it summer which has… Read more »

Mortgage enquiries for Spain increase by 33% as now is the time to buy

Murcia is a key location as prices there are low even though tourist attractions are being developed. In summary: Murcia is a key area to invest in Mortgage enquiries for Spain increased by 33% Investors can get value for money by investing now The Spanish property market may be suffering at the moment, with the… Read more »

Spain voted the most attractive place for retiring Brits

Spain topped the survey with Australia and Cyprus also featuring in the top five. Despite the Eurozone crisis and weak economy in Spain, it has been revealed as the top retirement destination for Brits. This was the findings of MGM Advantage after the retirement income specialists conduct research revealing that buying a property in Spain… Read more »

Research shows that the cost of living is cheaper in Spain

The research highlighting the cheaper cost of living is set to attract both families and property investors. The lower cost of living in Spain is set to attract more overseas investors with the price of basic household items being significantly lower in Spain than in the UK. Data from the Post Office Family Holiday Report… Read more »

Mallorca’s real estate market looks positive despite Eurozone crisis

Lower deposits and high tourism rates makes the Balearic island attractive to overseas investors. The property market in Mallorca (Majorca) is attractive and will improve according to recent reports and overseas buyers should be confident about purchasing property there. It is also said that the exchange rate between sterling and the euro and growing tourist… Read more »

Spanish real estate becomes more attractive to UK investors

The price decreases in the Canary and Balearic islands come as good news for property investors. It has been suggested that buyers are becoming increasingly confident with the real estate market in Spain despite the negativity concerning Spain’s economy. According to Clare Nessling, Director of International Mortgage Specialists, Conti, Spain is currently a buyer’s market… Read more »

Spain’s VAT increase could affect tourism

VAT increase only creates a slight rise in the overall cost of a product. There are concerns that a VAT hike in Spain could affect the amount of money being spent there by tourists. General VAT on items such as clothing and cigarettes would be raised by three percent from 18 to 21 percent whilst… Read more »