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UK housing white paper: Investor summary


The much anticipated housing white paper, outlining reforms to the current housing sector and plans to tackle the UK’s housing deficit was published today (February 7th) with the government saying measures outlined in the paper will fix the “broken housing market” What is the housing white paper and why does the UK need it? An… Read more »

“I read the news today, oh boy !”

If, like me, you have spent any time flicking through a half decent newspaper this morning you’ll have seen some pretty gloomy rhetoric about the growth prospects of even the strongest European economies. Strangely enough, I notice that the only economy forecast by the IMF to have higher growth next year than this is Spain… Read more »

Market reports disguise opportunities for investors in the ‘Flight to Quality’

There seems to have been much conflicting information published about the international property market in the last few months. I’m sensing this as an informed reader and property professional, so it’s no surprise that I’m hearing the same when I speak to casual spectators or those with a specific vested interest. Take Dubai as a… Read more »

Property Owners Vote For Better Collaboration

I spent several hours at the weekend in the company of over two hundred owners – many of them our customers – of properties in the fantastic Horizon Sky luxury beach resort on the Turkish coast. The owners had come together in London to debate a number of important matters concerning how their development will… Read more »

When did optimism become so unfashionable?

Following on from my comments last week after A Place In The Sun Live in London, another feature of the property industry which remains undiminished is the amount of comment in the media. Select Property is a regular contributor to that commentary and I was quoted in the financial press again this weekend, albeit not… Read more »

Some things never change, but this market isn’t one of them

It was encouraging to see a good turn out of window shoppers at A Place In The Sun Live last weekend, proving what we knew all along – that British consumers never lost their belief in property ownership, for lifestyle and investment, and will always come back to it as their preferred asset class to… Read more »

In Praise of the Volatile Market

There are lots of economic pessimists out there at the moment, but Warren Buffett clearly isn’t one of them. Addressing the shareholders of his Berkshire Hathaway fund last week, ‘The Sage Of Omaha’ announced that he was in the mood to spend some serious money this year as, despite being in his eighties, there are… Read more »

Dubai, as ever, is providing evidence to cause doubters to rethink..

News out this week suggests that Dubai Shopping Festival generated over $75 million of sales in just seven days and consumers spent 28% more than in the first week of last year’s event. This is an impressive achievement and underlines our belief that Dubai, never far from people’s minds as a destination for holidays, business… Read more »