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2013 to see a boost in graduate jobs and salaries


There will be an increase in the number of vacancies for graduates this year and their starting salaries are set to be higher. This is according to recent research from the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) into recruitment figures for university leavers.  It predicted the number of graduate vacancies will increase by 9% this year, which comes… Read more »

More students are job hunting before finishing uni

There is a growing number of students thinking about their career before they finish university. This is according to, which revealed 22% of people in higher education start searching for a post prior to their graduation these days, which is significantly more than in 2002 when just 5% did so. Gerry Wyatt, Operations Director… Read more »

Top 5 ways to earn money at university

Going to university is a very costly thing to do, and with rising tuition fees, many people can feel priced out of this opportunity. However, school pupils shouldn’t dismiss the idea of entering higher education just because of its costs. Not only are there several bursaries and loans you can take out these days to… Read more »

Our guide to the top 10 jobs for students


Going to university is not a cheap process no matter which way you look at it. As much as you try to stretch your student loan as far as it will possibly go and even with the occasional bank balance top up from mum and dad, more often than not, the inevitable finding a uni… Read more »