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What to pack when going to a festival this summer – Part1

Thousands of university students and young people will be planning on going to a festival this summer, hoping to spend a few days with their close friends and listening to their favourite bands. If you’re camping at an outdoor music festival this summer, here’s a list of the most important items you can’t leave home… Read more »

Got a fancy dress night? Here are our favourite themes

Most students are now well into their first week of university and one thing that is enjoyable about starting uni is the fact that there will be a number of themed nights where you can wear fancy dress. The good thing about the themed nights is that all of the participants will be in the… Read more »

Student fashion: What am I going to wear on the first day?

For many of you, starting your university career can seem like a daunting process. Deciding what to take to your lecture, what books to buy and who you will sit with at lunch are all factors that are probably milling around in your head at the moment. But for many, the biggest decision they are… Read more »