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NUS asks for a summit to discuss ‘lad culture’

The National Union of Students (NUS) has called for ministers to meet at a summit to talk about ‘lad culture’ at university. It released a report called That’s What She Said: Women Students’ Experiences of Lad Culture in Higher Education, which reveals issues regarding  female pressures at The University of Sussex. The findings showed students… Read more »

The top 15 songs for a Halloween party playlist

As Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year, smack bang in the middle of the week, students who didn’t want to have their Halloween party midweek had the choice of two weekends to throw their spooktacular event. If your party is this weekend you’ve probably got your costume sorted (if you haven’t check out our… Read more »

Oxford’s Magdalen College to charge £150 to eat in the canteen


Watching the pennies is an integral part of being a student, so it’s unsurprising that some students at Oxford University weren’t too happy to learn that as of 2013, students will be forced to pay fixed catering charges. Some of the students have decided to boycott the canteen in protest and members of Magdalen’s Junior… Read more »

Students urged to get vaccinated after mumps outbreak at UCLAN


There’s nothing worse than being ill at uni, you’ve probably only just gotten over freshers flu and are struggling to cope without nurse mum but spare a thought for some of the poor students at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) where there has been an outbreak of mumps. Students at the university are being… Read more »

Great Kitchen Gadgets That Would Make the Perfect Gift for a Student

For students, moving into halls or just away from home is an exciting experience for them. For many people this is the first chance that they have to experience freedom. This is also their first chance to start using the kitchen and cooking their own meals, which is something that tends to create a few… Read more »

London is the top area for graduate jobs according to new research


Most students have a plan about what they’re going to do when they finish uni. Key elements such as where you will live, what job you strive to get and how much money you will need to start you career off are all crucial things that need to be planned in advance. Research from the… Read more »

One in six students will spend their loan in one month

Results of a new survey have revealed that students spend their student loan within the first month of having it. According to a survey the average student will have spent their loan within 51 days, however, one in six will spend it within just 28 days. The research was commissioned by saver site where… Read more »