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Need clothes? Here’s how to shop like a savvy student


Being one of those student types means that unfortunately your fashion purchase have to take a back seat in favour of food and bills. But just because you’re now a student, that doesn’t mean that you have to wear the same clothes for the next three years – although some people do choose to do… Read more »

Missing home? Here are some tips to make you feel better


Freshers week has been and gone, the novelty of moving away from home has worn off now you realise that you have to do all of your own washing and cooking and although you thought you wouldn’t, you’ve started to feel a little bit homesick. University is the one time that you will realise how… Read more »

Nobel-prize winning, Liverpool scientists has a Liverpool University building in his honour

Here’s one for scientist, or medical students for that matter. The Liverpool academic who discovered the link between malaria and mosquitoes now has a building named after him at a £23 million university base. Nobel-prize winning scientist Sir Ronald Ross will now have a building at the University of Liverpool named after him. Sir Ronald… Read more »

Registration process simplified for international students

The process for international students arriving in London has been changed meaning that after spending a long time packing, then flying to the UK, students will no longer have to endure the long queues to register with the police. Previously, international students has to register at an office in the south of the capital within… Read more »

Our guide to the best D.I.Y student shaves and manicures

Before you started university and were living at home for free there was probably a time when you could afford to pamper yourself whether it was with a mani, pedi or professional shave (as much as they hate to admit it, guys love to be pampered too). However, no that you’re a humble student you… Read more »

Student music: Be diverse with your listening

Moving away to university and meeting new friends will change you, as much as you think that you’re unchangeable. Believe it or not, one of the major things that will change about you will be your taste in music. Students come with the persona that they are ‘cool’ and this is true in most senses…. Read more »